ClearCorrect™ Discreetly Straightens Your Smile

Smiling blond laying in field on stomach, cradling chin in handsCrooked or uneven teeth can cause you to be dissatisfied with your appearance, but at the same time, many of our patients are hesitant to wear metal braces. At the practice of Dr. Charles Grannum, we understand the importance of a straight, healthy smile, but we also understand the desire for subtle corrective treatment. For this reason, we proudly offer ClearCorrect™ to our Brooklyn, NY, patients. This personalized orthodontic treatment is convenient, comfortable, and discreet. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more. We welcome non-English speaking patients.

How ClearCorrect™ Works

The ClearCorrect™ treatment consists of a series of clear, nearly invisible aligner trays. If ClearCorrect™ treatment is right for you, Dr. Grannum will carefully document the state of your smile by taking photos and impressions. He will send these records to the ClearCorrect™ Lab, where they will create a 3-D model of your teeth. The lab technicians will use this model to create a series of aligner trays that will fit securely and comfortably over your teeth.

After your aligners arrive at our office, you will first be provided with “Phase Zero” aligners. These trays serve no corrective function, but they will help you get used to wearing the aligners and alert Dr. Grannum to any adjustments that need to be made. Over the course of your treatment, you will wear your custom mouthpieces,  gradually straightening and realigning your teeth. You will periodically return to Dr. Grannum for regular appointments so that he can monitor the progress of your treatment.

Why Choose ClearCorrect™?

The ClearCorrect™ system can correct most alignment or bite problems, though patients with severe bite issues may not be the best candidates for the treatment. ClearCorrect™ has a number of advantages that can make it the best choice for some of our patients seeking orthodontic treatment. Notable benefits include:

  • Subtlety: Though many orthodontic systems claim to be inconspicuous, ClearCorrect™ truly is what it claims to be – clear! ClearCorrect™ does not become cloudy with wear and use, making it the most discreet form of invisible braces on the market.
  • Comfort: ClearCorrect™ aligners are smooth and custom-fitted, minimizing irritation to the gums and lips, and resulting in little adjustment discomfort.
  • Convenience: The corrective aligners can be removed at any time, meaning that you do not need to make adjustments in your eating habits, and you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods.
  • Hygiene: Traditional braces allow food to get trapped in your teeth and can contribute to cavities and staining. Because the ClearCorrect™ aligners are removable, it is much easier to floss and brush like you normally would.

Most importantly, ClearCorrect™ is extremely effective and can give you the straighter, healthier smile you desire. 

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To find out more about whether ClearCorrect™ is the right choice for you, contact us today. Our friendly, informed administrative staff will happily answer your questions and book an appointment for you at your convenience.