Patient Testimonials

Dr. Grannum has been my go-to for preventive and cosmetic dentistry since 2002. As a marketing professional and cosmetic executive, a winning smile is essential. I am beyond grateful for the top grade dental expertise and responsiveness of Dr. Grannum and his congenial, caring staff. I definitely advise to share these concerns directly with his office. As a proud Clinton Hill neighborhood practice, they extend understanding as well as flexible times and payment if made aware of discomfort, dissatisfaction or a desperate need.

 - Bernie

Great Dentist – I have been seeing Dr. G for a number of years and gladly recommend him. The office is lovely. The staff is friendly and very professional. Dr. G. provides excellent, quality care and is very personable. Dr. G is very good at what he does and it shows. And he constantly seems to be teaching—passing his skills, expertise and knowledge on to the next generation!

 - K. Hairston

Quality + Care + in the Community = Can't beat it! – Visits to the dentist have always been a weird experience for me... until Dr. G, that is. I cannot say enough about his quality and caring services. They have kept me loyal to his office for over 9 years. Regardless of my insurance changes (including self-employment), I never once thought to leave Dr. Grannum. Honestly, I think my mouth would kill me!

I have had regular dental maintenance (cleanings and fillings), extractions, whitening and more from Dr. G... all of which have been a breeze!! From past experiences, I anticipate the pain... but it NEVER shows up. Definitely a reason to smile ; )

Dr. G has an innate way of making his patients feel at home, through his gentle touch, genuine attentiveness, and of course, endless jokes! Oh and lets not forget about the Wi-Fi laptop and healthy snack table in the reception area! SCORE! ; )

I have referred others to Dr. G because its clear that dentistry and prosthodontics are more than his job... they're his passion. I CONSTANTLY receive compliments on my smile, and I know that Dr. G is the one who helps to make it soo bright (figuratively and literally)!

And the funny thing is... I always meet someone else (in the neighborhood) who goes to Dr. Grannum and says the EXACT same thing! "Wow.. you go to him too! I love him!!" The story never changes ; )

If you're in the Clinton Hill or Fort Green area (as a resident or otherwise) and need a quality, caring dentist... look no further! Dr. Grannum is the one! ; )

 - S. Root